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Artist Statement: P.E.Brown

I am a musician with a great passion for all things visual.

Music and improvisation coincide and inform my painting process.

I strive for an artistic, intelligent codification of the subliminal.

I am a colorist that sometimes works in black and white.

My work is not ultimately self-referential.  It is relational, based on looking, listening, dreaming, observing and practice.  One looks, listens and then works (or plays).   Ultimately, this is process oriented stuff.

I am currently interested in the delineation of order and chaos as well as the juxtaposition of technology and Nature as viewed through the literal lens of  science and my imagination.



Another influence has been the extensive motorcycle travel I've done with my friends. Usually we bike from Texas through New Mexico then up to Four Corners and the Canyonlands. The sweep of the land moving at speed past my visor and the personal focus motorcycling requires shows up in the look and feel of my work.


Focus on the activity and clear the mind.

The exhilaration of acceleration.

Speed erases all distraction,

and magnifies forward vision,

leaving a sense of smug satisfaction

for having pushed limits and

not overstepped boundaries of competence

- and good traction.

Pat Brown ©

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